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Jazz on Wheels:
Hope, Peace and Chicken Grease

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Jazz on Wheels got to fulfill one of its purposes on New Year’s Eve at the annual Concert for Hope and Peace, one of the most appropriate settings for an outfit like ours. We spread our message of community, love and tolerance, through music, dance and crowd participation.

The band was in great form with honours students Curtis Nowosad on drums, Shannon Kristjanson and Niall Bakkestad-Lagare on saxes, and Simon Christie on trumpet. George Colligan and I always have a great time together in the rhythm section, and Anna-Lisa Kirby was wailing on vocals. This time out, we augmented our band with a hoop dancer, Jessica McMann, for extra deep-rooted and rich flavor.

Our troupe anchored the concert, and we invited all the singers from the previous acts to join us for the “Song for Hope and Peace” which was composed for this event last year. With the audience joining in as well, everyone in the church—young and old—danced and sang in their own sweet and funky way that night. I believe we truly captured the spirit of hope, peace and community, which is a fitting way to launch us into 2010.

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