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Jazz on Wheels: Building Bridges

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I’ve spoken recently about the next level of Jazz on Wheels—we want to get the students from the band out into the neighborhoods to support those kids learning to make music themselves.

We’ve put a lot of energy into proving the feasibility of this project, and a lot of pieces are in place now. I think what needs to happen next is to just connect with community centers or schools who are interested in having us come in for a visit or two and share some basic music-making skills with interested kids. Now’s the time to make contact and develop some relationships—every day of not connecting with these kids is precious time wasted. As we get this Bridge Program established, we’ll make a clear case for financial support from either a granting agency or private funder. I have faith.

If this sounds like an experience you want for kids you work with, give us a call and we’ll see if we can arrange a visit!

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