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dreamscapes  -  [ January/February 2017: Warren Wolf ]

Christian Sands

About three years ago, I had the good fortune to be roaming the jazz circuit in Greenwich Village in New York, and I wound up at the Village Vanguard. Christian McBride was being featured all that week with his new trio and he was doing the grueling Friday three-show haul. The young man on piano […]

January/February 2017: Warren Wolf  -  [ upcount ]

The Root of Why

I’m certain that many of you see this type of thing all the time but it’s a rare phenomenon for me. I’m talking about a personality that is so stunning that it calls to mind the days when I believed in magical stuff. The incident happened when it was my turn to take my son […]

January/February 2017: Warren Wolf  -  [ on the street where you live ]

CanU? Oh Yes We Can!

Surprisingly, every year of CanU Jazz has been unique. In the beginning, no one really knew how this was to be done. Three hours of time. Several rooms with pianos and drums and guitars and microphones. Around twenty middle-grades kids from underserved schools pouring off school buses at the end of the regular school day. […]

November/December 2016: Alicia Olatuja  -  [ upcount ]

Greener Pastures

I’m proud to have had an opportunity to work with Paul Nolin. In case you haven’t heard, Paul Nolin was the Executive Producer for the jazz festival in Winnipeg—a job that presented a set of challenges that were not meant for the faint of heart! Though there were many unpredictable complications involved with this post, time […]

November/December 2016: Alicia Olatuja  -  [ tune-up ]

From Big Band to Jams and Back Again

For a lot of people, jazz means big band—and big band is an important part of jazz, but it’s not the whole field. Big band (or jazz orchestra) is a gateway between the classical world and the jazz world. It’s organized and balanced, and there’s always somebody there to usher you through the challenges that […]

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