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September/October 2016: Robi Botos

The Internet

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I love The Internet, a neo-soul group full of young black talent. The band started out as Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians. They created the album Feel Good after Syd helped Odd Future produce a few records. When it was time to take Feel Good on tour, Syd and Matt put The Internet together.

When I see images of The Internet, parts of my insides light up because they look like me and my friends back home. They’re young, black, and figuring out life through their many relationships—and using that to create.

Their latest album, Ego Death, is everything I need it to be. If I’m feeling like surrounding myself with some hype sounds, I go to Ego Death. If I feel like cradling myself and wallowing in some self-pity, it’s there for me. If I’m feeling sensual and I want to listen to music to get the blood flowing, Ego Death is it. I understand the music completely and I feel like it understands me too.

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