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brilliant corners  -  [ March/April 2017: Neil Watson ]

Channeling Ray Charles: Craig Bailey, Wayne Holmes, and the Big dig! Band

I think people may have forgotten what a chameleon Ray Charles was. He was an incredible singer, pianist, composer, arranger, and even an occasional saxophonist! He was also one of the first crossover artists, with hit recordings in jazz, blues, country, gospel, rock and roll, pop, and R&B. He had so many hits that you […]

July/August 2012: Will Bonness  -  [ tune-up ]

Teaching Improvisation through the Blues

When it comes to learning to improvise, I believe the blues is one of the most important basic elements, for several reasons: The chord changes are highly predictable, which allows you time to think. The scales that are used are not complicated, which also allows you time to think. The harmonies can accommodate every mood, […]

January/February 2012: Robert Glasper  -  [ tune-up ]

The New Young Lions: U of M Youth Jazz Collective

We’ve started a new project at the University of Manitoba. On Saturdays, a crew of really talented high school kids get together with me to develop their skills as jazz musicians—and make some great music while they’re at it. The U of M Youth Jazz Collective is starting off as an octet: trumpet and trombone, […]

dreamscapes  -  [ September/October 2011: Babs Asper ]

Sean Jones

I like to think that I had a small part in Sean Jones’ development as one of today’s top jazz trumpeters. In 2000, I was teaching at Ohio State University. I met Sean at a “battle of the bands” in Columbus, and when Sean let loose on his first solo, I was floored by his […]

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